G. A. Hagemanns Kollegium


The residents at the G. A. Hagemann Dormitory occasionally go on exchange as part of their educations. Because of this, it happens that the dormitory has rooms available for renter for a shorter duration. If you are a student looking for a place to stay for a shorter period of time, we may be able to help you.

If you wish to rent a room at the dormitory, you may complete the application on this page. Hereafter, we will contact you via e-mail if we are able to meet your request and offer you a room in the period which you have requested.

The price to rent a room at the dormitory part-time is the same as full-time residents. This rent is currently set at 5.616 DKK per month. When renting a room at the dormitory part-time, you will not need to participate in the cleaning and maintenance tasks which full-time residents are expected to.

Want to sublet

To sublet we would please like you to fill the following formula. We will then soon contact you.

Mand Kvinde